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In 2011, Mike began sharing his insights and perspectives on LinkedIn with audiences throughout Maryland. In 2015, He founded Mike Shelah Consulting to work directly with companies and sales professionals across the United States to find more customers and find them fast, leveraging the power of LinkedIn.

Mike also uses his experience to evangelize the value of LinkedIn and assist those in the job market wanting to find their dream job and get to the front of the applicant list.

A resident of Westminster Maryland since 2005, Mike is a dedicated: husband, father and community advocate.

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What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a very powerful, crucial online tool for professionals. When used correctly, LinkedIn can help you build a great network, find and get introduced to your ideal prospects and showcase your true value and worth to them.

All you need is basic networking skills to make it happen.  If you have networking skills and understand the golden networking philosophy.  It’s a philosophy best described as one where “You to give before you get”.  That is you should give value and not just look for an immediate return. When you give true value to somebody, most of the time, they will try to give back to you. LinkedIn is a great place to apply this networking philosophy.

How To Power-up Your LinkedIn Profile

What Makes Mike Shella Unique and Successful? Mike is a well-known LinkedIn Expert, but thinks of himself not as an expert or guru but just a successful salesperson who’s figured out LinkedIn. He suggests, a lot of people think that including words like “expert”, “guru” or “ninja” will make their LinkedIn profile more attractive and will outshine others…but those people have got it all wrong. A LinkedIn profile doesn’t have to be extravagant and boastful.  By making it realistic, a profile with value and strong content will easily give you an edge from other professionals in your industry.

LinkedIn Guru With The Answers

Mike started out in sales in 1995 and got into technology sales in 1999.  He was one of those traditional sales people making calls and setting appointments. It was a repetitive job.   Sadly, Mike noticed he was becoming less effective at it…that is, until a good friend sent him a connection request on LinkedIn. It was a request that started him down a new road in life. That new direction, led Mike from the telecom/communications industry, to starting a business teaching and consulting with professionals on how to properly leverage LinkedIn.  Because of his one-on-one consulting, group presentations, and seminars, he was able to help many individuals take full advantage of LinkedIn.  After listening to Mike, they were able to find customers, find a job, and succeed in their careers.

How To Properly Leverage Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn was still fairly new during the time he accepted that friend’s request.  He did not waste time exploring and experimenting the ins and outs of it. He found a lot of good and bad things with LinkedIn and both helped paved the way to his success.

LinkedIn has an extremely valuable section called advice for contact. Most people use this option in the wrong way. Based on Mike’s experience, most of the people contacting him, will just write a long paragraph or even a short one saying “send me an email” without including so much as their email address or phone number.

Simple Power Tips For All LinkedIn Users Sending Contact Requests:

• Keep it simple, make it easy for people to contact you
• Include a phone number
• Include an email address
• Utilize the summary section to include your contact details

Most of us are not comfortable giving out personal information over the internet.

Check Out Two Solid Tricks For Protecting Yourself While Building Your Network:

• Have A Dedicated LinkedIn Email Address – Create an email address mainly to be used for LinkedIn.  This will let you completely control your inbox.
• Sign Up For A Google Voice Number – If you are not comfortable giving out your mobile or landline number, go to Google Voice and sign up for a free Google Voice number.  You can then pair the Google Number to your mobile number without anyone seeing your “real” phone number. You then, don’t have to worry about people knowing your mobile number. You can also get an application that can be downloaded directly on your smartphone for this.

Are You Committing The Single Biggest Pet Peeve On LinkedIn?

How would you feel if somebody sent you a message or you sent someone a message and received a response with a huge delay (like a week or so later) – only to apologize for the late response. The most common excuse?  People say they are not checking their LinkedIn mailbox regularly.
Avoid this embarrassing and unprofessional situation, by using LinkedIn often and spend time checking the 3 most important sections regularly: 1) Inbox 2) Wall 3) Notifications.

It will only take you around 5-10 minutes per day to check everything. LinkedIn is a great tool to engage others with, even more so, if you are using it for your business. Take the time to answer questions from your notifications, celebrate with your connections (who got a new job, who are celebrating their work anniversary, etc.) and go through your invitations on a regular basis.

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3 “Expert Level” Ways To Spot A Good Connection on LinkedIn

Since LinkedIn is open to networking, you will always get invitations from people you don’t know.  Make sure to use this list when considering a new connection request:

  • Always ask yourself the following before accepting an invite:
    • Is this person a legitimate customer for me?
    • Can I do business with this person if I accept his invitation?
    • Is it a personalized invitation to connect? (Only few people personalize their request to connect with a personal message)

Great example to filter your invitations:

Try this one fantastic trick to filter invitations, especially from people you don’t or you’re not really connected with in any degree.  Don’t ignore invites, but send them all of these “unknown” people an email with the same message —

“Hello Name, Thank you for reaching out to me, I don’t believe we have me. What are your thoughts about helping one another? I will wait 3 days for your response before I accept your connection request”

By sending this response email, you’ll find that 90% of those people will not bother to respond.

“Don’t bother sending out connection requests if you don’t know what you can do or if you’re not yet ready to start networking with the big boys” Mike Shelah

The key is message customization and profile research. If you are trying to connect with somebody and looking at them as a prospective client, be prepared because you need to let them know your value and the level of engagement you can provide.

Everyone needs to learn the fact that we have to reach out as a person and try to develop a personal connection because that can and will make a difference.

3 Tips using LinkedIn To Manage, Develop and Nurture Contacts

  • Engaged – LinkedIn will always give you the opportunity to post an update (like Facebook). However, your update shouldn’t be like the regular Facebook posts about your breakfast, kid’s rehearsals, etc. but it should be on more of a business level. Post an update and invite people to engage and join the conversation.
  • Join Groups – LinkedIn now allows you to join max of 100 groups. Joining groups will help increase your audience and engagement.
  • Share your posts – LinkedIn has made it possible for you to share your posts with other social media channels like Twitter.

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Connect With Mike And Get The Following

Anybody that goes to Mike’s website will get:

  • FREE 3 page personalized LinkedIn profile report
  • He will also share with you his top 5 tips and tricks
  • Recommendations based on what he sees on your LinkedIn profile
  • After Reviewing his free report, if you have a specific goal you want to achieve, Mike will offer you one on one coaching!


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