Our children are susceptible to advertising; our children are susceptible to outside forces.   We need to protect our next generation.

Did you know that there are more than one in three children in the US that are considered obese?  Obesity is defined as being over the 95 percentile on the weight/growth charts.

While this may not seem like a huge deal… but it is.   If you look at the rapid rise in childhood diabetics, young adult heart problems – much can be tracked back to what we are allowing our children to do.

Our foods have “hidden” sugar in almost everything (and processed sugar is six times more additive than cocaine… we are all busy – so fast food once or twice a week is normal in many families.

Add to that, our children no longer get the exercise they need… instead – spend hours playing video games, computers and TV… Even changes in the school day keep children sedentary.   Many schools have cut back or eliminated recess and physical education.

It’s time for us to help educate our children make better choices about the foods they eat, the amount of exercise and limiting time watching TV, Computers and video games.

Tony wants to help parents make better choices:.. Email Tony at Tony@bestlifetolive.com


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