Most of us have worked for other people or companies. When we do, who owns our time? We trade our hours for dollars. Is that what you really want?

As an adult, do you like to ask someone else for permission to go on a family vacation? Have you gotten comfortable having to ask someone else if you can leave work a couple of hours early to do something special with the family? Many of us have had to miss or be late to a family birthday, a parent/teacher conference to hear how your child is doing, or even go on family movie night. Is that what you want or have you fallen into the trap of believing that is all there is?

In the 20th Century, it was all about big business. Large companies or organizations built or rented buildings, bought everyone computers, took care of the countless little overhead expenses – then “allowed” the lucky few to work for them in the company they had… They set the rules, if we wanted to stay with them, we followed the rules.

The great news is that model is changing rapidly. We now live in the 21st Century, and the “rules” are changing. Now, almost every household has global access to potential clients around world – sitting in their home based office, on their home computer via the internet. We no longer have to stock inventory – but we can manage a virtual warehouse of inventory anywhere in the word and connect that inventory to anywhere else in the world… all with a couple of “clicks” on your mouse.

Yes, it is hard work. Yes, it does take a little time to build your business… but you can usually start and build a home based business as a side project – in your spare time. Then when the timing is right, and you’d like to own your own time – you can turn your part time side project into the kind of life you always wanted.

It is time to start looking at a 21st Century Business Model for you and your family.


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