Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 2.10.38 AMMike Kole, President of Pinnacle Sales, LLC is a life-long business development professional.  His experiences have taken him from a regional sales position to the board room at a division of a Fortune 500 Company.  Traveling throughout the world, Mike has worked, trained, coached, and mentored businesses in 40 States and 22 Countries.  His platform for coaching is PROFITS, Your Seven Letters to Success, a book he authored and published in 2010.  Mike focuses on coaching and mentoring small to medium sized businesses on all aspects of business operations.

As a believer in continuous improvement, Mike has recently been certified as a Zig Ziglar Legacy trainer, and is now a Professor of Leadership & Management, International Business, and Strategic Management at Northwood University in Michigan.   Continuous improvement is a guiding principle of Mikes, if continuous improvement is not a goal of yours, you won’t be a client of his.



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