I know some people think conflict is a bad thing, but in reality it’s a normal part of life. Conflict isn’t even necessarily bad. What can make it bad is how you handle it. Do you escalate it? Do you avoid conflict at all costs? Or do you just handle it?

Conflict resolution is truly part of how you communicate. An excellent communicator can deal with conflict very effectively. When face-to-face with conflict, the very first thing you must do is… Remain calm, remain humble, and be gentle. By remaining calm you can keep your brain in a calm logical mode, and work from your heart. Two hotheads talking at each other will only escalate the conflict. Then, a good communicator in conflict resolution mode you must do more than listen to just the words, tone, or look at body language. You must truly take in all three at once, while trying to understand the personality type you are dealing with. Then you must try to determine the real root cause of the conflict.

If conflict escalates it evokes the flight or fight response and typically leaves you in a position where you can no longer manage or resolve your conflict. Once conflict escalates is no longer a conflict… It turns into a fight.

Your goal is to manage or resolve the conflict. Check your ego at the door and let’s communicate.


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