No matter what you do – coach sports team, volunteer at church, have your own business or work in direct sales; do you want to build or lead a winning team. It’s not so much about what we do, but how we do it.

Winning is not an automatic process, winning doesn’t happen because you “just show up”. If you win, you win because you have done it on purpose. Get out of the box; you think of what no one else has thought of, you do it better, you do it on purpose – It’s never an accident.

Core value #1: A commitment to inspire results. This is huge. No team wins without 100% commitment to the cause. If everyone sees your commitment to succeed, you’re well on the road to having a winning team. If you want your team to be committed; then your team has to see that you are 110% committed to the process.

If your team doesn’t know what the leader’s vision is for the team, the team can not be fully committed to winning. The team has to be part of the vision – they have to own part of the vision. Your job of a leader of a winning team is to show the vision, to inspire the team to see themselves as part of that vision.

Each core value, adds to your having a winning team. The more core values your team has, the more likely your team will be winning team.

Tony Daum reviews the 10 core values that all winning teams share. You can lead your team to be a winning team if you work on core value.


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