While some people are happy to kick back and set the cruise control after they finish school; that may seem logical – but couldn’t be a more incorrect approach to success. We are wired to learn EVERYDAY. It’s how we grow. The day we stop growing – is the day we start decaying. In the 21st century – we are blessed to have so many opportunities for personal growth.  If you are growing, you are increasing your potential to help others and if you are helping other grow – you increase your potential personal wealth.

Understand statistically average person tops their salary out by age 35, less than 10% continue to grow to age 45, less than 1 continue financially to grow until they leave this earth. Wealthy people NEVER stop learning.  One of the defining characteristics of wealthy people: Wealthy people never stop learning, you must continue to ready, going to seminars, listening to educational tapes, getting additional certifications.  Something to think about – are you satisfied… or do you want to be one of the less than 1% that continue to grow throughout their live – increasing their potential income?


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