Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download my podcast?

If it’s yours, yes you can. If it’s not yours, yes you can. I’m not sure why we made a FAQ for this, since it goes without saying. But, oh well, it’s fine. Download as many as you want.

What If I don't see the podcast I am looking for?

You have no taste. That’s probably why. We have hundreds and hundreds for you to listen to – and you can’t find ANYTHING? Man, you must be fun at parties.

How do I listen to the shows?

Go to the podcast page for the specific show, and click the little triangle that’s pointing in a weird direction. It’s called the play button. Most people know what that looks like.

Can I put my own podcasts on this website?

Would you go to a restaurant and ask them to cook your own food for you? Like, if you brought a steak from home and told the chef at the restaurant, “Hey, I brought this from home and I’d like you to cook it here.”

The answer is no. But, if you want to host a show, go to or for info on becoming a host.

I don't like the shows I'm hearing.

That’s not exactly a question, now is it? If you don’t like it, you can go to another podcast website. It’s a free Country, of course.

Are these shows recorded live?

Some shows are live. Some shows aren’t.